Brainpool is a worldwide network of over 300 top-level artificial intelligence and machine learning experts.


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Big data
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Founding members: 
Dr Peter
Number of staff: 
2 - 5


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Brainpool AI was founded with the vision of giving companies access to a network of world class data scientists, coming from leading universities such as UCL, Harvard, Oxford and Cambridge. In just two years our network has grown to over 300 AI and ML experts, who boast a wide range of skills and industry experience.  We have already worked with big names such as Sainsbury’s, EY, Seagate and KX Systems to develop unique and tailored Machine Learning solutions.

So how does the process work? We begin with an initial AI scoping programme, where we establish the clients business needs and discuss potential Machine Learning opportunities. This also allows for the client to ask any AI related questions, and get up to speed with how these systems function.

Once the most appropriate solution has been established, we can move on to the building stage of the process. Our team will carefully scan the network for data scientists best suited for job, and compile a list of candidates with the exact set of skills required to deliver the best-in-class solution. The successful candidate(s) will then work alongside Brainpool managers  and the client in-house team to develop and tailor the system.

The final stage of the process is implementation. The data scientist(s) will integrate the new system into the clients business, ensuring that its functions correctly and meets the needs established in the initial consultation.

Brainpool provides project management and expert advice throughout the entirety of the process to ensure a smooth and effective delivery of the product.

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