At Hertility Health we want to make you proactive, not reactive about your reproductive health.


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In residence
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Dr. Helen
Dr. Natalie
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2 - 5


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But why?​


Times are changing and Mother Nature has not kept up. We live in a world where as a woman you’re expected to be the boss, the breadwinner and the baby maker, but our biology and time often get in the way.


We are expected to just carry on with “business as usual” even though we may be compromised by our hormones and periods. The added element of embarrassment or shame means, the majority of unusual or unhealthy period symptoms go ignored. Help isn’t always easily accessible, understandable or affordable.


Maybe your norm, is not the norm.

We spend our 20’s trying to avoid getting pregnant, either on the pill, off the pill, or looking for our pill. We then spend our 30’s trying to get pregnant, only seeking help when something goes wrong or it’s nearly too late. This needs to change. It’s time to take control of our reproductive health.

What we do?

We have created a simple at-home blood test based on your individual data to help map out your biology. This bespoke finger-prick test can be done from the comfort of your couch and will help you figure out your norm and signpost anything out of the ordinary.


At Hertility Health we want to put YOU in charge.

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